3 Patrick Beverley replacements the Bucks could target in NBA Free Agency

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Delon Wright

Before acquiring Patrick Beverley at the NBA Trade Deadline, the Bucks were linked to Delon Wright in their quest to beef up their perimeter defense, per Yahoo Sports' Jake Fischer. If Beverley bolts out the door, Milwaukee should reignite that interest and make another pass at trying to land the guard.

There's plenty to like about Wright, but perhaps his greatest attribute is his perimeter defense, which should always perk up some ears in Milwaukee. At 6-foot-5, Wright also boasts quality height at the guard position, making it less likely for taller players to hunt for the mismatch and shoot over them, an issue the Milwaukee Bucks have faced year after year.

Offensively, Wright is a fine player, capable of taking on ball-handling duties in a floor general role or playing off ball and relying on his perimeter shot. That could make him a valuable fit next to leading man Damian Lillard, providing quality defense alongside him and simultaneously taking pressure off of him on that side of the ball.

After playing one of the smallest roles of his career this season, Wright will likely be firmly within the Bucks' price range this off-season. If they need a backup guard, the 31-year-old would be a nice fit, giving them a solid two-way combo guard who could do a lot for this Milwaukee Bucks team.