Patrick Beverley's solution to Bucks' game ball fiasco would have made things uglier

Indiana Pacers v Milwaukee Bucks
Indiana Pacers v Milwaukee Bucks / Stacy Revere/GettyImages

Whenever a Milwaukee Bucks player achieves something historical this season, people will bring up the game ball fiasco that took place recently with the Indiana Pacers.

To sum it up, after Giannis Antetokounmpo scored a franchise-record 64 points against Indiana, there was controversy regarding whether or not the Pacers had intentionally taken the game ball from the Bucks. There certainly may be some bad blood between these teams, but it would have been much worse had Philadelphia 76ers guard Patrick Beverley been involved.

Patrick Beverley's solution to Bucks' game ball fiasco would have made things uglier

On a recent episode of the "Pat Bev Pod," the veteran guard gave his thoughts on the situation and what he would have done if Giannis had dropped 64 points on him. Transcribed by Clutch Points:

"[Giannis] wanted that ball... I would've poked a hole in that b*tch. Beat me? Put 60 on me? Yeah, you can have this ball. Then I thought about it. I would've pealed that b*tch like an orange."

Tempers were already flaring between the Bucks and Pacers at the time, but this would have made things much worse. Beverley has always been a bit of an instigator and agitator throughout his NBA career, so this is not too surprising to hear.

Beverley's comments are more directed at the situation rather than the player. The two seem to be on each other's good sides, with Beverley previously recalling a time when Giannis even tried recruiting him to Milwaukee pretty recently. The pair seem to have great respect for each other, so this is not an instance of Beverley calling out Giannis, it seems.

Who knows, perhaps Beverley will have an opportunity to follow through with his words in the two matchups between the Bucks and 76ers left on the schedule this season. If Giannis can indeed get another career-high in either of those matchups, all eyes will be on Beverly after these comments.

The Bucks and 76ers will face off next on February 25 and then again on March 14. Perhaps they may even meet in the postseason, but that is still way down the line. While ultimately harmless, Beverley's comments may add fuel to Giannis' fire next time he takes the court against the 76ers.

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