7 Players the Milwaukee Bucks should hope get bought out after NBA Trade Deadline

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P.J. Tucker, LA Clippers

This seems like the consensus top target for most Bucks fans. Rumors have been stirring for a while that Tucker and the LA Clippers could split one way or another, paving the way for him to join a team like the Bucks rather than rot on LA's bench. He's been mostly out of the rotation since coming over in the James Harden trade, and there are plenty of teams that would love to have him.

Though the 38-year-old may not be the same player who helped the Bucks win it all back in 2021, he could still undeniably help this team. Not only could the Bucks use another savvy defender, but more toughness and grit following the Patrick Beverley trade would certainly not hurt. Those are two of the most vocal players in the game, and they could give this team a boost when they are in a rut.

Again, he's not the perfect wing stopper at this stage of his career, but he's another intriguing option that would give Milwaukee added versatility with their lineup combinations. He already proved he is capable of being a good small-ball four next to Antetokounmpo, and perhaps he could do it again if the two sides joined forces once more.

Yet, at this point, it doesn't seem like Tucker will be on the move. TNT and Bleacher Report insider Chris Haynes has reported that Tucker does not plan to ask for a buyout. Typically, that would be an open and shut case, but Tucker posted a profanity-laced message on Instagram after the deadline that possibly signaled he's quite unhappy. Perhaps he could have a change of heart if things worsen.