7 Players the Milwaukee Bucks should hope get bought out after NBA Trade Deadline

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Wesley Matthews, Atlanta Hawks

Yes, this is another former Milwaukee Buck who may not be the player they once were who could still potentially help this team. After spending the prior season and a half in Milwaukee, Wesley Matthews left in free agency to sign with the Atlanta Hawks, where he's played the smallest role of his career to date. If the 37-year-old asks for a change of scenery, Milwaukee could come calling.

Matthews wouldn't change life for the Bucks. However, if brought in, he could be a useful defender on the perimeter against quality wings. Despite his age, Matthews oftentimes took the top assignments during his previous stint in Milwaukee, and he could potentially do it once again, giving Milwaukee an experienced veteran who will give his all on the defensive end on every possession.

Of course, having played in Milwaukee twice before, Matthews has plenty of experience playing with Bucks players, including Giannis Antetokounmpo, Khris Middleton, and Brook Lopez, among others. Matthews also knows Damian Lillard, as the pair played together with the Portland Trail Blazers. This late in the season, familiarity could help when getting integrated to a new team.

The Bucks are not shy about bringing back former players when they are on the market, and perhaps the third time could be the charm for Matthews. For a team hungry for perimeter defenders, adding a familiar face like Matthews if he became available would be low-risk. Yet, only time will tell what ATL decides to do with the veteran wing.