7 Players the Milwaukee Bucks should hope get bought out after NBA Trade Deadline

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Troy Brown Jr., Detroit Pistons

Sticking with the Pistons, if the Bucks cannot get their hands on Milton, Troy Brown Jr. is yet another player they should be keeping tabs on. At 24 years old, Brown is the youngest candidate on this list, and given Detroit's current rebuilding process, they could very well keep him around. However, he is worth bringing up regardless because he could be a nice rotation piece for Milwaukee.

Brown has all of the makings of a rotational 3-and-D wing in today's NBA. He's a solid and versatile defender at 6-foot-6, and he's a career 35.6 percent outside shooter - 37.2 percent over the past three seasons. At 215 lbs, he's not quite as big as Stevens is, but Brown would still be among the heavier wings on Milwaukee's roster, which, again, could be very useful at times.

For the crowd of Bucks fans wanting the team to bring aboard youth over someone who is 37 or 38, Brown could be a great option if he hits the market. He checks off all of the boxes when it comes to evaluating players who could help this team right now. It just remains to be seen if they have a shot to pursue him in the coming weeks. The ball is in Detroit's court in that regard right now.

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