3 Players who could be options for the Milwaukee Bucks in the 2024 NBA Draft

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Is it too early to speak about a Milwaukee Bucks Mock draft? Of course! But it is still fun to look at some early possible draft picks, especially since the Bucks have a couple picks. Here, our site expert Dalton Sell did a deep dive on an intriguing prospect for the Bucks in Zach Edey.

In what is widely regarded as a “down year” for drafting new players, it still is way too early to even know where Milwaukee will be picking. So, our aim today is to name-drop three players who seem like they are consistently around where the Bucks will most likely pick.

Where will the Milwaukee Bucks be picking?

The Bucks' first-round pick will be based on how far they’ll go in the NBA playoffs. For the purposes of this mock draft, we’ll pretend the Bucks make and lose in the Eastern Conference Finals (Pick 28).

The Bucks also have the Portland Trail Blazers' second-round pick, which seems like it will be a higher second-rounder (projected to be around pick 35).

It is nice to know that the Bucks have some picks. Lots of NBA teams have moved out of the first round of this year’s draft. The Clippers, Kings, Warriors, Nets, Mavericks and Lakers are among the teams who do not have a first-round pick in the draft.

The Damian Lillard trade will not impact this year’s draft.

Let’s look at some options. Here are three “possible picks” for the Bucks. All three of these players should be able to play right away- a plus.