3 Players who could be options for the Milwaukee Bucks in the 2024 NBA Draft

Big Sky Basketball Tournament - Quarterfinals
Big Sky Basketball Tournament - Quarterfinals / Tommy Martino/University of Montana/GettyImages
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Zach Edey

The 7-foot-4 center is probably the most familiar of these three potential late first round draft picks. Here, the thinking would have to be to look at Edey as a potential replacement for Brook Lopez in a year or two. The 21-year-old Canadian basketball star also would be a great stopper for Milwaukee.

“You can’t coach size” as the expression goes. That is certainly something Edey has. He is a big, big man.

But does he have the ability to move fluidly? Sure, he scored 30 points against Michigan State, but he looked more like a bully than someone equipped for today’s step-back NBA game. 

Of course, the idea of drafting him is certainly intriguing, and it is why he seems to be rising up on most NBA mock draft boards.

The NBA draft is all about finding value and this year, with the draft extending out over two nights, it is all about spectacle. If you have plans to watch the draft with some buddies, here are some fun facts.

Things to tell your buddies as you are watching the draft

~ The Bucks would have to swap picks with New Orleans if, for some reason, Milwaukee exits in the playoffs before New Orleans. The Pelicans have a remaining pick swap with Milwaukee from the Jrue Holiday trade.

~ Teams in this year’s draft seemed to trade away a lot of their picks, but every team in this draft has at least one pick. 

~ Michael Jordan was drafted third overall in the 1984 NBA draft.

~ The Bucks have had a few number one overall picks: Andrew Bogut in 2005, Glenn Robinson in 1994, and Kent Benson in 1977. Of course, drafting Kareem Abdul-Jabbar first overall in 1969 helped put the team on the path to its first NBA championship.