Playing pass or pursue with Clutch Points' fresh trade targets for Milwaukee Bucks

Milwaukee Bucks v Chicago Bulls
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Bucks' second target: Bruce Brown

It felt like every NBA contender wanted to get their hands on Bruce Brown at the trade deadline this past season, but the Toronto Raptors ultimately kept him. If trade talks around him heat up again in the off-season, it wouldn't be too surprising if the Milwaukee Bucks called Toronto.

Brown has always been a jack of all trades, as his defense, passing, shooting and hustle were all key in helping the Denver Nuggets win it all in 2022. All of those attributes could be useful to the Bucks, who could use a do it all sparkplug in the second unit.

One possible concern with Brown is his height. While he's incredibly versatile, he stands at 6-foot-4. For years, the Bucks have been tormented by big wings and a lack of taller wings to combat that has haunted them. Adding another player under 6-foot-5 may be a tad problematic.

Another possible issue with Brown is his contract. If the Toronto Raptors accept his $22.5 million team option this summer, any team looking to trade for him will have to take that on. That's a hefty salary for a non-star, and some would argue that it's too steep.

The Bucks should at least kick the tires on Brown, as he could certainly help this team. It'd be very shocking to see them pull off a deal due to that massive salary, but crazier things have happened.

The verdict: Pursue but mostly just kick the tires