5 Teams that could poach Malik Beasley from the Milwaukee Bucks in free agency

The two-guard has likely earned himself a raise.
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San Antonio Spurs

With Victor Wembanyama confirming he's on his way to superstardom, the San Antonio Spurs must act accordingly. Rather than taking the slow and steady approach, they should aim to accelerate the rebuild. One way to do so would be to spend their money on established veterans, especially ones who would fit well alongside Victor Wembanyama. One option worth considering is Malik Beasley.

As he's done for some of the best players of all time, like Giannis Antetokounmpo and LeBron James, Beasley could serve as a kick-out threat from 3-point range for Wembanyama. In Milwaukee, Beasley, Grayson Allen and Kyle Korver all played this role rather well, posting some of the best percentages from 3-point territory due to the sheer number of open looks they received.

Beasley could fill this role well in San Antonio, being primed for open looks at every turn due to the excellent of Wembanyama. Playing with a star like that is every sharpshooting role player's dream, and that would be a great pairing. Shooting 34.7 percent from deep, the Spurs were among the worst shooting teams in the league this past season, ranking 28th. Adding Malik Beasley could help.

The Spurs will have money to play with in free agency, and perhaps they could put it to good use by adding a premier perimeter shooter.

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