4 Potential trade targets the Milwaukee Bucks should monitor

Utah Jazz v Chicago Bulls
Utah Jazz v Chicago Bulls / Michael Reaves/GettyImages
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No. 3 - Torrey Craig

It’s difficult to overstate the versatility of the 6-foot-7 Craig. During his time in Denver, he was routinely tasked with clamping down on the opposing team’s best player. More often than not, he delivered. With a unique blend of speed, length, and athleticism, Craig can definitely keep up with the best of them, being able to defend one through four. He’s certainly skilled enough to take on the opposition’s best wing to allow the team’s other wings like Middleton to focus on scoring the rock.

On offense, Craig is a capable off-ball cutter and scorer, able to finish around the rim and create scoring opportunities for himself. His ability to move without the ball and find open spots would add another dimension to the Bucks' offense.

Craig played a key role in the Phoenix Suns' run to the NBA Finals in 2021, providing valuable defensive contributions and timely three-point shooting. His experience in high-pressure situations would be a valuable asset to the Bucks' championship aspirations.

The Bucks already have stout wings in Jae Crowder and MarJon Beauchamp, but having another do-it-all safety lever who can hit threes and lock down opposing wings would do wonders for any team struggling on the defensive end.

Teams around the league are reportedly monitoring the Chicago Bulls in case they decide to enter a rebuild, and in the event that happens, Craig should be available for an offer from the Bucks.