4 Potential trade targets the Milwaukee Bucks should monitor

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No. 2 - Dorian Finney-Smith

Finney-Smith is a renowned defensive specialist around the association who is capable of guarding multiple positions with his length, athleticism, and defensive IQ. His ability to lock down opposing scorers, particularly wing players, has been well-documented during his time with the Dallas Mavericks and would significantly elevate the Bucks' defensive capabilities.

Matchup data on NBA.com/stats paints a picture of his defensive impact. He'sholding guards to 40.4 percent efficiency and limiting forwards to 43.4 percent as the closest defender.

On top of that, Finney-Smith is a reliable 3-point shooter; he's knocking down a scorching 45.1 percent of his attempts from beyond the arc so far this season. This perimeter shooting would provide much-needed spacing for the Bucks' offense, opening driving lanes for Giannis Antetokounmpo and creating more effective shot opportunities for the team.

Finney-Smith's versatility extends beyond his defensive and shooting abilities as he is a capable rebounder for his size, averaging over five rebounds per game during his career. He also has a very steady motor, and he brings a lot of intangibles to the floor even once you move past his counting stats.

It's also worth pointing out that Finney-Smith's contract is relatively affordable for his caliber of play. With a salary of around $13 million per year, he would not significantly burden the Bucks' salary cap, allowing them to retain other key players.

Considering he’s a starter for the Brooklyn Nets, it’s unclear how willing Brooklyn would be to trade him. He's had an extremely slow start to the season (he's a net minus-27.3 in his minutes per Cleaning the Glass) which might cheapen his trade value, even though the signs of aging are clear. If an opportunity arises, the Bucks would be smart to pull the trigger on a defender of his pedigree.