3 Pressing objectives on Milwaukee Bucks' off-season to do list

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Once the season concludes and an NBA champion is decided, the Milwaukee Bucks will officially kick off what should be an interesting off-season.

Unlike last off-season and even mid-season, there likely will not be many blockbuster surprises, but the team will have the tools to make some moves. Following this season's early playoff departure, it's clear that there are several areas that need to be tweaked on this roster. That said, let us highlight a few items on the Milwaukee Bucks' off-season to-do list.

No. 1 - Shop almost everyone in trades

The Milwaukee Bucks could very well approach this off-season with the idea that their early exit was due to injuries and that they could run it back next season. They shouldn't. Even when they're healthy, it's clear that this roster has some holes. To patch some of those holes, which will be discussed in the coming sections, players will have to be shopped in trades.

It seems safe to say that the Big 3 of Giannis Antetokounmpo, Damian Lillard and Khris Middleton will be safe from trade conversations. The front office should at least gauge the value of everyone else to see what their value is on the market or what they may be able to get in return in a trade, especially with the team set to have some draft picks ready to ship out as well.

The two primary trade candidates should be Bobby Portis and Pat Connaughton. Both veterans have decently-sized contracts, which would be needed in deals. Portis just finished top three in the NBA's Sixth Man of the Year running, so he's undeniably got legitimate value, especially if draft capital is in the equation as well.

Brook Lopez should be evaluated as well. While he's proven to be a great fit for the Bucks, there were times this season where it was hard to play him due to his age and dwindling athleticism. With a huge salary of $23 million next season, the Bucks could potentially land a big fish if they were to package him and whatever else was needed.

Ultimately, very few players should be safe from trade discussions.