3 Pressing objectives on Milwaukee Bucks' off-season to do list

Brooklyn Nets v Milwaukee Bucks
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No. 2 - Add more athleticism and/or youth

Outside of health, arguably Milwaukee's most prominent problem is the roster's lack of athleticism. As one of the oldest teams in the NBA, the Bucks were not the spriest unit in the league this season, and opposing teams oftentimes took advantage of that, blowing by them in transition, fighting much harder on rebounds or just flat-out frying Milwaukee's defenders, who were typically a step behind.

This was all one of the reasons Bucks fans were so persistent about wanting Andre Jackson Jr. to get more time on the floor. Whether he was playing hard defense, blocking shots, throwing down dunks or simply getting back in transition, he proved he could his this team. Now, the team needs to bring in more players who check those boxes.

The Bucks will have several interesting avenues to improve this weakness. They are set to have both a first and second-round pick in the upcoming 2024 NBA Draft, giving them a chance to add two young pieces who could boast athleticism and other tools to help this team. Daron Holmes II from Dayton could be an interesting pick for the Milwaukee Bucks in this regard.

There will also be potential hidden gems littered throughout NBA Free Agency. If Patrick Beverley is out the door, Dennis Smith Jr. could be a nice, athletic fill-in. Lonnie Walker IV could provide a dose of athletic ability on the wing, as could K.J. Martin. They might not be the flashiest names, but they have the tools to help a team that desperately needs a jolt of youth and athleticism soon.