3 Pressing objectives on Milwaukee Bucks' off-season to do list

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No. 3 - Find versatile defenders

This objective somewhat ties in with the last section, as the Bucks should be on the hunt for versatile defenders who also possess athleticism, especially on the wing. Again, Andre Jackson Jr. could have helped the Bucks out a ton in this regard, but the team primarily relied on veterans like Malik Beasley and Pat Connaughton, two guys who oftentimes could not keep up defensively.

The Milwaukee Bucks need to add a player or two who can take on multiple positions and thrive in a switch-heavy scheme defensively. This player was supposed to be Jae Crowder, which is why they gave up a haul to get him, but that never panned out. This off-season, they have to address the issue, whether it's via the draft, trade or free agency.

Via trade, a few notable names worth keeping an eye on are Dejounte Murray, De'Andre Hunter and Alex Caruso. All of those players could be interested into the lineup and immediately help this team out defensively, shoring up the team's versatility mightily. They may actually have the ammunition to pull off a trade or at least make a competitive offer now compared to mid-season.

The Bucks should especially aim to find someone who could allow the team to go to their smaller lineups with Giannis Antetokounmpo at the five. Again, this was supposed to be Crowder, but that never happened. A versatile power forward with athleticism could work wonders for the Bucks and help unleash one of their deadliest lineup combinations.

It should be a busy off-season in Milwaukee as they aim to fill these roster holes.

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