A New Hope: 1 Principle that can guide the Milwaukee Bucks to a playoff series win

Indiana Pacers v Milwaukee Bucks - Game Five
Indiana Pacers v Milwaukee Bucks - Game Five / Stacy Revere/GettyImages

The Milwaukee Bucks and Indiana Pacers have formed a new rivalry, and it is starting to take on some clear, identifiable differences.

Milwaukee is a team of veterans; Indiana is a young team. Milwaukee is a team trying to overcome injuries; Indiana is healthy. Milwaukee has won an NBA championship in the past five years; Indiana almost won an NBA-In-Season Tournament.

One thing that is helping to create this rivalry is these dramatic differences. 

Another factor that is helping keep this series interesting is the talent level of the two teams. The Milwaukee Bucks finished the NBA regular season (49-33). Right on their heels were the Indiana Pacers at (47-35). Demonstrating a similar talent level helps. These teams played five times during the regular season, and a new rivalry is brewing. It has been fun to watch. 

Other than the Milwaukee Bucks being a more veteran team, a simple principle that could lead them to a win is that this team now has hope. The Milwaukee Bucks have hope. 

Currently, the Bucks and fans are still not sure if Damian Lillard or Giannis Antetokounmpo will play in a crucial Game 6. But given the major Game 5 win, you would have to think there is a chance.

The Milwaukee Bucks now have hope again.

The Milwaukee Bucks and "Hope"

Hope is an important principle in sports (Heck, it is an important principle in life).

Bobby Portis looked really good in Game 5. In scoring a career-playoff-high 29 points, he dropped the hammer right when this team needed it. 

What was even more impressive was the overall style of play. Portis would get the ball, back down his opponent and score. 

Khris Middleton was able to do the same. So was Brook Lopez.

It was like watching a group of old men play a high school JV team. Hey, the step-back three is fun and all, but scoring four points while you score zero means we are up by four.  

Now, with the “hope” of Giannis and Lillard returning, this team feels like it could be unstoppable. It feels like the Bucks could win two in a row, especially if that second game is at home. 

Hope can be a dangerous thing! It is not something to pass up.

What is up with Indiana’s Passing?

An interesting graphic came up on the national TNT broadcast about the Pacers and team assists. Basically, the gist was this: if Indiana can net more than 30 team assists, they win. 

I found that to be both profoundly interesting and stupid at the same time. Of course, if a team has that many assists it means they have passed the ball well. It also means they have scored a ton of baskets since an assist necessitates a made bucket. 

Tyrese Haliburton is the perfect example of a player, who, when passes and scores a ton can led his team to victory.

Haliburton also led the entire NBA in assists with 10.9 a game.

Halliburton, who was born in Oshkosh and attended Oshkosh North High School, was drafted 12th by the Kings in the 2020 draft. He has become the "Darth Vader" of Bucks fans.

Speaking of development, starting small forward Aaron Nesmith has developed into a “gadget” guy who can do all of the little things it takes to win: track down loose balls, block a shot, guard: he will be a “secret weapon” for the Pacers.

"Looking back"

If, in fact, this all does end up not working out for the Bucks I want to remind everyone this has been some amazing entertainment. I am a life-long Bucks fan; I will stay a life-long Milwaukee Bucks fan.

Here is a tweet from an online friend I want to leave us with on the subject and principle of hope.

Here is a great Tweet from Brew City Paul.

Let's go Bucks!