1 Question for every Milwaukee Bucks player ahead of the 2024 NBA Playoffs

Milwaukee Bucks fans have questions. Can this team rise up and answer them?

Milwaukee Bucks v Philadelphia 76ers
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A.J. Green

Can AJ Green show up in the NBA Playoffs?

Can AJ Green be someone who helps his team win the big game? Hitting some threes against the Washington Wizards in the NBA regular season is all fine and good, but can he hit a clutch three against Boston in the playoffs? (In the recent loss to Boston, Green was 0-2 in 8 minutes)

In making that one play, a player like Green can really turn the tides of a game. In jutst making that one play, Green could really have more of a presence.

Green had his best game in a loss to Minnesota on February 8. In that game Green dropped 27 points in just 21 minutes of play. It is games like that that prove Green can have an impact on an NBA game.

As Green continues establishing himself as a viable bench option for this team, it feels like the only thing missing is a true "clutch" performance on the big stage.

Pat Connaughton

Can the Bucks have the 'real' Connaughton establish a presence as more of a clutch shooter?

Speaking of needing to be clutch, could Pat Connaughton step it up in a playoff game and provide that presence? In the Bucks’ lone playoff win last season against the Heat, a Game 2 win, Connaughton went off, going 8-of-12 from the field and scoring 22 points! Can he muster up that presence to help the team capture a few more wins?

Connaughton really hasn't had a huge game yet this year. Arguably his best game came against Dallas on November 18 when he scored 16 points on 4-of-9 shooting from three. In that game the threes were also very timely, something this team will continue to need from "Planet Pat."

Most of the time it feels like Connaughton goes 1-for-2 or 2-of-5 from three. This team needs him to have that presence to be able to set up and knock down clutch threes.

Patrick Beverly

Will his presence be the correct distraction for the Bucks in the playoffs?

Beverly was brought to Milwaukee for this very reason: to be a "dawg." When P.J. Tucker talked about that in Milwaukee's NBA championship season, everyone knew what he was talking about in terms of playing style.

Beverly has not really shown any signs of not being able to deliver on that promise that was implicit in the Cam Payne trade. However, if Beverly and his budding media and podcast empire become a distraction, then, well, that would not be good.

Danilo Gallinari

What kind of impact and presence will he have down the stretch?

For a buyout player, Gallinari has had some positive early returns. The 35-year-old, sixth overall pick in 2008 gives this team a veteran presences that you'd want in a playoff run.

It is also easy, and probably very likely, he won't see any minutes in the postseason.

Thanasis Antetokounmpo

What can Thanasis Antetokounmpo contribute in a playoff run?

One would have to think, "not much". If Thanasis plays it is hopefully because the Bucks have such a large lead that the game is all wrapped up.

On the season Thanasis is averaging less than a point a game. He has played in 28 games so far this year.

MarJon Beauchamp

Can MarJon Beauchamp deliver a scoring punch if he plays?

Beauchamp is not playing as much under Doc Rivers as he was under Adrian Griffin. In a recent win against Oklahoma City, Beauchamp did get into the game for four minutes. In that time he had a quick bucket. And while it was not impactful, it was something that could be replicable in the playoffs.

If the young Beauchamp could provide even 5-10 quick, impactful minutes of scoring punch, he could help Milwaukee swing the tides of a playoff game and even a possible playoff series.

Chris Livingston

Will Chris Livingston see any minutes for the Bucks?

Rookie Chris Livingston hasn't played a ton for the Bucks this season. At 20 years old, he's still raw, so this year is all about developing. What could he bring if he does play?

Andre Jackson Jr.

Can Andre Jackson Jr. provide a defensive boost if he plays?

A magnetic opposite of Beauchamp, Andre Jackson Jr. would need to, and probably be asked to, deliver some defensive punch to a specific defensive assignment in the playoffs.

A good example would be if the Bucks had that shot to play the Philadelphia 76ers. Jackson could draw a quick five to eight minute defensive assignment against Tyrese Maxey. Could Jackson lock him down? Could he really add some energy and swagger in a burst that could impact a game?

Energy and swagger will be two big watchwords for this team entering the playoffs.

Yet, at least now, with Doc Rivers, this team has seemingly found some swagger back. 

Now, if this team can simply rise up and start to answer some of these pesky questions, fans will get the playoff run they want and deserve.

Questions beg for answers. For this team, in this part of the season, these questions are what will drive the future playoff run.