Ranking 2024 NBA Draft prospects linked to the Milwaukee Bucks in mocks

The Bucks will have options as they scout the 2024 class.
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5. Harrison Ingram, SF/PF, North Carolina (Bleacher Report 33rd Pick)

Harrison Ingram could be the Bucks' replacement for Jae Crowder and a sneaky pick to take in the second round, which Bleacher Report has in their mock. He is only 6-foot-5 but can play both at small forward and power forward with good playmaking skills and a great ability to crash the boards.

He spent two years at Stanford before transferring to North Carolina, where he averaged 12.2 points, 8.8 rebounds, 2.2 assists and 1.4 steals per game. Ingram's shooting improved drastically in 2023-24, with him jumping up to 43 percent from the field and going from 32 percent from deep to a brilliant 38.5 percent. His free throws still sit around 60 percent, which will need work, and there are questions about his shooting season being a one-off or whether the uptick will continue into the NBA.

The transfer to North Carolina also saw him change his playmaking role to where he played out of the post and still looked just as comfortable as when he was a pick-and-roll ball handler at Stanford. Having another playmaker on the court with Damian Lillard could help the Bucks generate different looks and open up the game plan more should they select Ingram.

In terms of his ability to create his own shot, it does need work. He struggled to create any separation in the midrange and at the rim when driving to the basket. Again, like Shannon, he would add to the number of young players at the wing position, although he does have the upside of being able to play power forward. Ingram is also 21, so he may have more room to grow than Shannon.

If the Bucks do decide to take another wing and find their replacement for Crowder, Ingram is not a bad player to consider. He has plenty of upside, but having taken Jackson Jr. and Livingston last season, it would feel like a strange pick for them to make.