Ranking 2024 NBA Draft prospects linked to the Milwaukee Bucks in mocks

The Bucks will have options as they scout the 2024 class.
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3. DaRon Holmes II, C, Dayton (The Ringer 23rd Pick)

When it comes to replacing Lopez, DaRon Holmes II of Dayton could be a nice fit to bring rim protection and the ability to stretch the floor. Defensively, his shot-blocking is exceptional, averaging 2.1 blocks per game in his final year with the Flyers.

Holmes averaged 20.4 points, 8.5 rebounds and 2.6 assists on splits of .544/.386/.713. His 3-point percentage was way up last season, having shot around the 27 percent mark in his first two seasons. He also plays well as a screener and cutter, as well as having tremendous ability to catch lobs in transition.

The center prides himself on his hustle, which is why he excels so much on the defensive end and in transition. What he has over Lopez is his athleticism and switchability. His footwork still needs some work, but on the perimeter, he can be a nuisance and use his length to disrupt smaller players on switches.

In terms of areas to improve, in the post, he is yet to develop a strong game there. Yet, he is still good enough to fight through mismatches, which teams would look to use him in. Turnovers are a slight problem, with him averaging 2.2 this season and 2.3 in 2022-23, so smarter defenders at the NBA level will be looking to catch him.

Questions do remain over whether his 3-point shooting is really that good or an outlier, but working with someone like Lopez, who has developed that over the years, would be of benefit to Holmes.

His draft stock has risen due to his ability to stretch the floor, making him a good long-term replacement for Lopez, should it translate to the NBA. Some boards have him going in the second round, but Holmes would be a solid pick for the Bucks and help with their frontcourt depth.