Ranking 2024 NBA mock drafts for the Milwaukee Bucks from worst to best

Xavier v Connecticut
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March Madness 2024 is here, giving NBA teams like the Milwaukee Bucks an opportunity to scout players they may employ in the near future.

Draft analysts have started putting together their mocks for the upcoming 2024 NBA Draft, in which the Milwaukee Bucks are slated to have both a first and second-round pick. That will give the team a shot to add some legitimate young talent, something they have longed for. That said, let us rank the mock drafts from major outlets.

No. 3 - Bleacher Report

24th pick: Stephon Castle, UConn. 35th pick: Melvin Ajinça, Saint-Quentin BB

In Bleacher Report's latest mock, the Bucks would pick up a pair of 19-year-old wings who certainly both boast potential. Milwaukee has been hunting for wings that can possibly develop into two-way contributors for them, and these two could be intriguing options.

Castle, a freshman at UConn, is not much of a long-range shooter, but he can handle the ball well and attack the hoop with authority. At 6-foot-6, he's got the size and length to become a steady defender on the perimeter at the next level. As for Ajinça, he's more of a scorer who could give the Bucks a nice spark off the bench by putting points on the board.

The biggest issue here is the inexperience. At 19, both players are incredibly raw and may be viewed as project players rather than pieces who can contribute now. B/R summed up Castle by saying, "he's going to need a patient team that's accepting of his flaws and timetable." With a fast aging core, the Bucks just do not have time to wait for players who can potentially contribute later rather than sooner.

Look at Chris Livingston, who the Bucks made the richest final pick in a draft ever last off-season. He came to the team as a 19-year-old and has seen little to no minutes, spending most of his time in Oshkosh with the Wisconsin Herd. This isn't to say that any 19-year-old would be destined to play in Oshkosh, but it's hard for incredibly raw players to get legitimate time over polished ones.

Both players possess attributes that could make them valuable, but how soon? That is the question for the Milwauke.