Ranking 2024 NBA mock drafts for the Milwaukee Bucks from worst to best

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No. 2 - NBA.com

26th pick: Tidjane Salaun, Cholet. 35th pick: Hunter Sallis, Wake Forest

Salaun falls in line with the previous two prospects mentioned in B/R's draft, but he's even younger at 18 years old. Age out of the equation, he's got all of the factors that the Bucks need right now in size, athleticism, scoring and pesky defense. At 6-foot-10, he's an excellent athlete who could assist the team's versatility on both sides of the floor mightily, and NBA.com thinks he'd fit well with the Bucks.

Taking a player who isn't even 20 years old yet would be a gamble for Milwaukee no matter what, but if they are determined to, Salaun would make a level of sense. There would undeniably be growing pains along the way, and it might sting to see them bring in a project player with an older roster that needs to win now, but the potential is there for Salaun to become a real player.

Meanwhile, Wake Forest's Sallis, projected to land with the Bucks at No. 35, would be an interesting addition to this bench. At 21, Sallis has three years of collegiate experience under his belt, meaning his game may be more polished. After two spending two years at Gonzaga, Sallis transferred to Wake Forest and has had a breakout year, catching plenty of attention.

In 34 appearances, Sallis averaged 18 points while shooting 54.2 percent on twos and 40.5 percent on his threes. He's an electric shot-creator who can score from anywhere on the floor and boasts impressive athleticism. For years, the Bucks have been seeking reliable bench scoring, and Sallis could potentially help in that regard.

This wouldn't be a homerun of a draft night for the Bucks, but the vision would be clear as to why they made these picks.