Ranking every Bucks player based on how they performed in 2023-24 season

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Talking about the Milwaukee Bucks' 2023-24 season is like talking about a show that got canceled after season one. You can have some opinions and can speculate how things would have developed, but you feel like you haven't gotten to watch the whole thing.

Injuries prevented us from seeing the team at 100 percent in the playoffs, so we can only imagine how this rollercoaster of a season was meant to finish. We can, however, judge how every player performed during the year, analyzing what they brought to the team, how close they were to their best and how consistent they were. We'll rank them from worst to best.

For the sake of this ranking, we'll only take into account players who were part of the final roster, so Cam Payne and Robin Lopez, who were traded mid-season, will not be considered despite being members of the team for quite some time. Also, two-way players will only be graded if they had a significant role in the team, which, spoiler alert, they didn't. This said, we can start with...

15. Thanasis Antetokounmpo

Not really a surprise, I assume. Thanasis shows a lot of energy on the bench and looks like a positive teammate who you always want around so he can cheer you up during your lows and celebrate in your highs. On the court, however, there's not much we can say about him.

He played a total of 155 minutes, almost of all them in games that were already decided by the time he jumped on the court. So it's even hard to say that he contribute to the team performance in some way or another.

14. Chris Livingston

Similar to Thanasis, Livingston only got to the floor when there was nothing at stake, so there's not really a lot to say about him. However, as a young player, he showed some physicality and defensive capabilities that could make him a more relevant piece of the roster in the future.

He has a case for deserving to play more than the 90 minutes he got this year, although he was also assigned to the Wisconsin Herd so that he could have some more experience. Let's hope we can say something else about him next year.