Ranking every Bucks player based on how they performed in 2023-24 season

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11. MarJon Beauchamp

Beauchamp had probably the most bipolar season from all the players in the team, and that's saying something. With Adrian Griffin as a coach, he was a part of the bench unit and had some minutes most nights, which allowed him to show the progress he had made between his first and his second season.

He looked like a pretty good shooter, shooting 40 percent, and showed some good off-ball instincts with his cutting, becoming a somewhat menacing offensive player. And on the defensive end, despite feeling still a bit inconsistent, he kept growing and learning how to use his size to have positive performances.

However, when Doc Rivers got to the team, it was like he was erased from Earth. A.J. Green quickly took his place in the rotation, and he was basically dropped on the bench and just played irrelevant minutes at the end of some games, so he ended the season with a pretty bad feeling. The way he played in the first half, he probably could have been higher in the ranking, but not being part of the rotation during the second half of the season and the playoffs makes it hard for him to be ranked better than this.

10. A.J. Green

Green's season has been kind of the opposite of Beauchamp's. Adrian Griffin didn't seem to trust him that much, but, after a year and a half in which he never really was a consistent part of the rotation, Doc Rivers decided to give him a chance. And he soon proved to deserve it.

He already was a known 3-point shooter, but he showed there was more to his game. He worked well as an on-ball defender, a role the team was really lacking, and made his presence on the court count, looking like a solid role player for the most part.

The playoffs, however, were a different story. His shooting just wasn't there for the whole series, making it hard for him to really find his place on the court. He still found some ways to avoid being a non-factor, hitting a few 2-point shots off the dribble and having some good defensive possessions, but he was far from his best. Despite this bitter taste at the end, these months might have earned him a better role next year.