Ranking every Bucks player based on how they performed in 2023-24 season

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9. Pat Connaughton

There's a strong case to say this was Pat Connaughton's worst season since he got to the team. He felt way more inconsistent on both ends of the floor and couldn't rise in the playoffs as he had done in previous years, which made many fans include his name in trade talks. It's not that hard to see why.

However, it would be unfair to stick only to what went wrong. Connaughton was still a decent shooter, a good cutter, a better passer than he's usually given credit for, and he had a positive defensive impact some nights. He was, for better of worse, probably the most steady bench player, never really rising to his previous highs but never really having such low lows as some of his teammates. And there's some value to that.

8. Andre Jackson Jr.

It's actually hard to talk about Andre Jackson Jr. at this point. He has proven to be an impactful player almost every time he's been on the court, but he still didn't seem to get as many minutes as he deserved, making it hard to have the full picture of his rookie season. At the same time, and maybe because of this same lack of minutes, some fans have probably overhyped him a little bit.

It's not hard to see why that overhype is a thing, though. He was kind of unique in a roster that lacked physicality and intensity, so he really stood out whenever he played and brought something most of his teammates couldn't. His impact was noticeable even in the playoffs, where he earned a bigger role than he was first given, thanks to his defense. He even proved to be a better shooter than expected, although the small sample might make this not 100 percent accurate.

Despite all that, he still needs to grow. He's shown some flaws in the pick and-roll defense, and it would be great for him to find a way to have a bigger offensive presence, maybe with his off-ball movement. He could have improved if given more chances during the regular season, but that wasn't the case, and he ended up not being as consistent in the end.