Ranking every Bucks player based on how they performed in 2023-24 season

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7. Malik Beasley

A poor final stretch of the season shouldn't make people forget how good Malik Beasley was for the Milwaukee Bucks for a good chunk of the year. Some already have, but it's unfair.

If we're being completely honest, it is kind of understandable, too. Beasley can be one of the most frustrating players on the team, being super erratic and mixing astonishing shooting nights with games where you couldn't even tell he actually was on the floor or even worse, you can tell a bit too much.

He's a pretty one-dimensional player, making his impact easy to measure. If he's hitting 3-pointers, he can be a menace for the opposing team. If not, he basically brings nothing else and is a liability on defense despite putting some effort into it.

From the beginning of the season to the end of February, he was shooting an amazing 45.3 percent from three, second in the league among players with at least 100 attempts. Yet, he dropped to 31.9 percent once March started. That was basically his season. Five great months completely overshadowed by the last stretch. And since that last stretch is the one that really counts, it's impossible for him to rank higher, even if he had some good moments in the Pacers series.

6. Patrick Beverley

The Milwaukee Bucks traded for Beverley so they could add a point-of-attack defender to the roster, and for the most part, he delivered. He's known for his energy, and he brought it all to Milwaukee, where he suddenly became a fan favorite, thanks to the way he fought on defense and how it pumped the team when he was on the floor.

Yet, it wasn't the only thing he stood out for. He added solid 3-point shooting and a bit of on-ball playmaking, something the bench lacked big time, so he wasn't just a one-trick pony. Doc Rivers ended up making him part of the starting lineup due to his good performances and Beasley's decline, rewarding his work and proving his positive impact on the team.

Nevertheless, he wasn't always that good. At 35 years old, he couldn't be as consistent and had some stinkers from time to time, but which role player doesn't? Overall, he was a solid addition who stepped up in some key games, so most fans would be glad if he re-signs and is brought back next year.