Ranking every Bucks player based on how they performed in 2023-24 season

Milwaukee Bucks v Chicago Bulls
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3. Khris Middleton

It had been almost two years since the last time we saw Khris Middleton playing at his best, so I cannot fully blame people who had some doubts about him. Now, it's a different story. A good playoff series can change a lot of things, and his performance against Indiana was not only good but amazing.

Even before the playoffs started, he was already playing some great basketball, making all the critics feel a bit too harsh. His numbers were far from his best seasons, but given his minute restriction and the fact that he was the third option now, it was expected.

His usage and his shot volume decreased, but his mere presence on the court created a problem for the opposing defense, who couldn't just focus on Giannis and Lillard. Playing next to two superstars gave him some freedom, which he used to have the second most efficient year of his career in terms of effective field goals. It's as close to a win-win situation as you can get.

If we're being real, though, what really made his season shine was the Pacers series. His performance in Game 3 was a shotmaking masterclass, creating one bucket after another, hitting some amazing clutch shots and getting to 42 points that could have become one of his most heroic nights if the team had won.

That wasn't all he had. While dealing with some ankle pain, he led the Bucks to a win in Game 5 and made this series more competitive than he had the right to, proving to still be able to step up when needed.

Middleton looking like this in the playoffs was probably the best news the Milwaukee Bucks had all season. It didn't lead to a win, but him showing that he still has it is great for next season, when he'll presumably have no restrictions and will be able to play at his best again.