Ranking 5 craziest Milwaukee Bucks moments from 2023-24 NBA regular season

The last few months have been flat-out chaotic
Indiana Pacers v Milwaukee Bucks
Indiana Pacers v Milwaukee Bucks / Stacy Revere/GettyImages
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No. 2 - Giannis scores 64, game-ball controversy ensues

For many years, people expected Giannis to take the Bucks' all-time single-game points record; they just had no idea when it would happen. Ultimately, it came in a December 13 meeting with the Indiana Pacers, a team the Bucks will be meeting again very soon. The Greek Freak had it going early, and he never let up, finishing with 64 points.

The Greek Freak shot 20-of-28 from the floor, dominating right at the hoop. Even when he failed to hit his shots, he was oftentimes rewarded with free throws, as he shot 32 (!) in this game. After such a big accomplishment, Antetokounmpo rightfully wanted to game ball, so when be believed the Pacers had taken it, tempers began to flare.

Antetokounmpo sprinted back into the tunnel seeking answers and also confronted Pacers guard Tyrese Haliburton. There was a lot of finger pointing that night, and the Pacers said they had taken one of the balls for rookie Oscar Tshiebwe, who scored his first NBA points. Ultimately, it appears Giannis got the proper ball, but not before chaos ensued.

No. 1 - Bucks fire Adrian Griffin

Though there were certainly some imperfections, the Milwaukee Bucks were 30-13 midway through January, good enough for second in the Eastern Conference. That made it stunning when they fired first-year head coach Adrian Griffin, pulling the plug on the experiment after just a few short months. Even with the struggles, it was a move that no one saw coming.

The decision divided Bucks fans, especially since Doc Rivers, Griffin's replacement, hasn't dazzled in his tenure thus far. Of course, that could change with a strong playoff run, but there are people who think the Milwaukee Bucks let go of Griffin too quickly, especially considering this was his first time coaching an NBA team.

Time will tell how things play out.

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