Ranking top 5 forward prospects for the Milwaukee Bucks in the 2024 NBA Draft

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4. Harrison Ingram (North Carolina)

Physical Profile:
230 pounds
7-foot wingspan

Harrison Ingram is a big, strong, versatile forward who has good potential as a role player at the next level. He can handle the ball, pass, shoot threes off the catch, rebound, and has nice defensive potential with his size (230 pounds with a 7-foot wingspan). After shooting just 31.6 percent from three in his first two collegiate seasons at Stanford, he transferred to North Carolina last season and shot an impressive 38.5 percent from deep.

Ingram does not have great athleticism or quickness, which prevents him from being higher on this list, but he brings a solid set of skills to the table that could make him a nice role player on the Bucks at the next level. He probably has a higher floor than most players who will be taken in the second round, and he could play immediately.

3. Jonathan Mogbo (San Francisco)

Physical Profile:
215 pounds
7-foot-2 wingspan

Another very interesting prospect is San Francisco's Jonathan Mogbo. The Bucks last season desperately needed athleticism and defense, and Mogbo provides both. He has a 7-foot-2 wingspan and moves extremely well for his size, making him one of the better defenders in the draft. He also is a fantastic rebounder, racking up over 10 boards per game last season.

Offensively, Mogbo is more of a connective piece. He cannot shoot and only attempted two total threes in college, but he can handle the ball, pass, and be used as a finisher. The inability to shoot definitely makes him harder to fit on a team alongside Giannis Antetokounmpo, and the Bucks already have a player with a very similar skillset to him in Andre Jackson Jr.

Yet, Mogbo could be another backup forward who provides Milwaukee's bench with three things that it needs more of with athleticism, defense, and ball handling.