Ranking top 5 forward prospects for the Milwaukee Bucks in the 2024 NBA Draft

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2. Tristan da Silva

Physical Profile:
215 pounds
6-foot-10 wingspan

A player who has gone to the Bucks in a few mock drafts is Tristan da Silva from Colorado. Da Silva is one of the more NBA-ready prospects in the draft with his 3-and-D skill set, and he seems poised to help a contender right away as a role player. He is a lights-out spot-up shooter who shot 48 percent on unguarded catch-and-shoot threes last season, according to Synergy (subscription required), and he also is a very intelligent player who can pass, defend and be used as a cutter.

It is probably a fairly low likelihood that da Silva falls all the way to the Bucks with the 23rd pick, but it is possible. At 23 years old, he is an older prospect who lacks explosiveness and doesn't have very high potential as anything more than a role player, so there are reasons he could be available. If he is, he would be a solid pickup who could bring a winning skillset to the Milwaukee Bucks' bench.

1. Keshad Johnson (Arizona)

Physical Profile:
225 pounds
6-foot-10 wingspan

One of the most underrated prospects in this year's draft is Keshad Johnson. He is a strong, versatile defender who can guard the perimeter, the post, or the rim, and his offensive game is developing as well. He can be a roller, cutter, and play finisher, but his outside shot has also taken a big leap.

Johnson shot 38.7 percent from three and 71 percent from the free throw line this past season at Arizona after shooting just 23.6 percent from three and 58.1 percent from the line in his first four seasons of college at San Diego State.

Johnson's physical profile is what makes him even more intriguing. He is extremely athletic and has a combination of strength, length, and agility that is not common for a player likely to be taken in the second round of the draft. His age (23 years old on draft night) and the shooting concerns from his first four years of college may make him available for the Bucks to take in the second round. If he is available, he would be a great pickup for the Milwaukee Bucks.