Ranking Milwaukee Bucks free agents by likelihood to return next season

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No. 3 - Jae Crowder

Many didn't think Jae Crowder would return to the Milwaukee Bucks last off-season, but he ended up back in the 414. Could it happen again? It's not impossible, but it seems even more unlikely than it did in 2023 for a handful of reasons.

Just like he did under Mike Budenholzer, Crowder skydived out of Doc Rivers' rotation as the season got into the later stages, having hardly played in the postseason. After two consecutive seasons of watching the big moments from the sidelines, it wouldn't be shocking at all to see Crowder bolt out the door once free agency opens to try and find greener pastures in terms of playing time.

Yet, just like last off-season, there is a chance he could return. Unlike Beasley, he's not expected to earn a massive raise, and he's likely looking at another minimum deal. If he's only getting offers in the minimum range, perhaps he would come back to Milwaukee, a place he talked about being excited to play due to his ties to Marquette when he first arrived.

Perhaps there's an itch to scratch regarding unfinished business after two turbulent years with the Milwaukee Bucks that featured him being traded there and three coaches.

On Milwaukee's end, it would be a very Bucks move to bring Crowder back due to their reliance on veteran players. Again, they need to have a focus on younger players, but at the bare minimum, he could serve as a savvy veteran voice and possibly help guide youngsters like MarJon Beauchamp, Andre Jackson Jr. and Chris Livingston.

Ultimately, it feels more likely that he will not be back with the Milwaukee Bucks next season.