Ranking Milwaukee Bucks free agents by likelihood to return next season

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No. 2 - Patrick Beverley

The Milwaukee Bucks traded for Patrick Beverley mid-season, and he worked his way up to become a very valuable starting guard. Now, he enters unrestricted free agency.

Although the team's focus should be youth, bringing back the 35-year-old would be a rare exception. Even at his age, Beverley showed that he could be a sparkplug, providing needed perimeter defense, outside shooting and veteran leadership. Those are all attributes the Milwaukee Bucks could use on the roster next season.

The question is what Beverley may be looking for financially. If he's fine with a minimum, which seems like a likely option, returning to Milwaukee seems like a logical move for both parties. Instead of going after cash, it seems like Beverley is more focused on chasing down his first title, and despite how the season concluded, the Milwaukee Bucks can still offer him a great opportunity to do that.

Having Beverley on the roster throughout training camp and to start the year after having a summer to further build his chemistry with his teammates could be a big difference compared to this season when he was just thrust into the lineup at the deadline. Long story short, it feels like Beverley and the Bucks could very well continue their partnership, but nothing is certain, of course.