Ranking 5 Milwaukee Bucks whose legacies would alter the most by winning 2024 title

Milwaukee Bucks v Chicago Bulls
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No. 4 - Khris Middleton

Khris Middleton has been down this road before. Prior to the 2021 title, many questioned the validity of Middleton's status as a championship-caliber second option and whether or not he could actually reach that level. After a 40-ball in the NBA Finals and countless other big shots in the playoffs, it was clear that he could indeed be a true second fiddle for a title contender. Yet, that was then.

Nearly three years lately, big question marks have popped up again, notably with Middleton's health. He's missed significant time over the past few seasons, pushing many to wonder whether or not his time as a key contributor is up. Some fans have even pondered the possibility of whether or not the forward, typically a starter, should come off the bench for the Milwaukee Bucks.

No matter what happens, Middleton will always be a Milwaukee legend; he stamped that ticket when he raised the trophy in 2021. However, if he can overcome this string of injury issues and once again help the Bucks get to the top of the mountain, he could add to his status even further. Another title in Milwaukee would cement his status as one of the better complementary stars of this era.

The Bucks need Middleton back in the lineup to reach their full potential. He appears close to making his return to the court following another lengthy absence, which should help mightily. He undoubtedly has plenty to gain down the stretch and into the playoffs. If Middleton follows the 2021 blueprint and silences his critics with playoff heroics, it could change his legacy forever.