Ranking 5 Milwaukee Bucks likeliest to be traded in 2024 off-season

Milwaukee Bucks v Indiana Pacers - Game Six
Milwaukee Bucks v Indiana Pacers - Game Six / Dylan Buell/GettyImages
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No. 3 - Brook Lopez

Milwaukee Bucks fans are seemingly divided on Brook Lopez. Some are convinced that the team has to move on from him to be successful, while others think his rim protection, floor spacing and overall fit next to Giannis Antetokounmpo is too valuable to risk losing. No matter where one stands, they do have to acknowledge that he's among the likeliest Bucks to be traded for several reasons.

First, Lopez's contract situation is ideal for trades. He's on the books for an expiring $23 million in 2024-25, which would put opposing teams on the hook for only one season. Shipping out a salary that size, the Bucks could net a quality return in the form of a borderline star or high-end role player(s) to fill several of the glaring holes on this stitched-together Milwaukee Bucks roster.

Second, there's no denying that the Milwaukee Bucks would benefit from getting younger and more athletic this off-season. Lopez is not solely responsible for Milwaukee's issues in those departments, but he plays a significant part. If the team feels like it's time to go in another direction, they could be inclined to move on from the 36-year-old, the oldest player on the entire roster.

It'll be fascinating to see what the Milwaukee Bucks do with Brook Lopez in the coming months.