Ranking young Milwaukee Bucks players based on potential after NBA Draft

The Bucks are forming a young core.
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No. 5: AJ Green

Before you freak out that I have AJ Green ranked this low, remember that this list is based on potential. I believe AJ Green is the Milwaukee Bucks' 25-and-under player who is the closest to reaching his potential. The other way to look at this is that I believe out of the six players on this list, AJ Green is the most NBA-ready 25-or-younger player the Milwaukee Bucks have.

That disclaimer out of the way, there is a conceivable world where the Bucks don't add another shooting guard and AJ Green takes the starting shooting guard spot vacated by Malik Beasley's imminent departure. Or the Bucks do sign another shooting guard and AJ Green competes with him for the starting spot or a bench sniper role like he served last season at times.

Green is going into his third season with the Bucks, and based on the increased usage he saw under Doc Rivers, especially late in the season, coupled with the lack of additions at shooting guard (so far), it is not farfetched to expect him to occupy a larger role in the 2024-25 season.

In his first two seasons, 91 games total, AJ Green has established himself as a shooting threat every time he steps on the floor, inspiring nicknames like "Dairy Bird" and "Milk Mamba," with his 41.2 percent 3-point shooting mark. He still has some work to do defensively, but the effort is there. Cheers to big things for AJ Green this season.