Ranking Milwaukee Bucks' mid-season roster additions after Ryan Rollins signing

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Over the last several years, the Milwaukee Bucks have not been shy about making changes to their roster during the middle of the season.

While the changes were not as significant as many had hoped, that trend continued this year as their front office made some tweaks around the edges. Outside of a vacant two-way slot, the roster is set, and it's time to rank the roster moves from least to most impactful.

No. 3 - Signing Ryan Rollins to a two-way deal

After waiving Lindell Wigginton and Marques Bolden on January 7, the Bucks freed up two of their three two-way openings Yet, for over a month, those sports remained vacant, with the front office scouting their options. Finally, they filled one of those spots with Ryan Rollins, a second-year guard from Toledo.

Given that he's on a two-way deal, Rollins will more than likely not make much of an impact with the Bucks. Although he may get the occasional call-up, most of Rollins' time will likely be spent down in the G-League with the Wisconsin Herd. Playing there will give the 21-year-old the opportunity to get legitimate games reps and continue his development.

In the long-term, Rollins has potential to stick around if he can indeed take advantage of his current opportunity with the Herd. The Bucks have had a revolving door of backup point guards over the last few years, and if they are looking for a guard this coming off-season, perhaps they could take a swing at bringing up the youngster if he turns heads in the G-League.

Rollins has only played 22 NBA games in two seasons, so he's raw, but the potential is there for him to become an NBA player. The 3-point shot needs work, but Rollins has shown glimpses of being a solid scorer from other areas. On top of that, he's got the height and length to be a strong defender if the 6-foot-4 guard can buy in on that side of the floor.

Ultimately, this is a quality move, but if Rollins will make an impact, it will come as a slow burn.