Ranking Milwaukee Bucks' mid-season roster additions after Ryan Rollins signing

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No. 2 - Signing Danilo Gallinari via the buyout market

By trading Robin Lopez to the Sacramento Kings in the final hour of the 2024 NBA Trade Deadline, the Bucks cleared a roster spot. Fans pitched their picks as to who the team should sign to complete their standard roster, with many hoping the team would add a known defender. Instead, they opted to sign Danilo Gallinari, who chose Milwaukee over several other contenders.

At the time of the signing, Gallinari was arguably the best name available, so the Bucks did add a nice piece talent-wise. Even if he's not the player he once was - Gallinari is 35 and missed all of last season due to an ACL tear - the veteran can still help this team. At his worst, he's still a 6-foot-10 big who can provide nice frontcourt depth for a team that needed another body at the position.

On the court, Gallinari can give Milwaukee scoring, 3-point shooting and versatility. His numbers are down significantly this season due to minimal roles with the Washington Wizards and Detroit Pistons, but he can still put points on the board and hit perimeter shots. That, tied in with his ability to play both forward positions, will allow the Bucks to plug Gallinari into endless lineup combinations.

Gallinari will be most useful when Milwaukee's bench is struggling. There have been too many times this year when the Bucks' starters have built up a lead, but as soon as the bench comes in, that lead evaporates because no one can score. Gallinari will not resolve the issue entirely on his own, but he can surely help.

Per Spotrac, the estimate on Gallinari's deal for the rest of the season with Milwaukee is $1 million. Given that he was the best name on the market, or at least one of the best, depending on who you ask, that makes this a fine move for Milwaukee from a financial perspective also. That could end up being a bargain if he can legitimately help this team.

In short, this is a low-risk move to bring aboard an experienced veteran who can help this team out, even if it's not on the defensive end.