Ranking Milwaukee Bucks' young talent based on potential

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The Milwaukee Bucks' young players, indeed, have shown plenty of promise, specifically when given ample playing time.

This suggests that a bright future is in store for the team's youth and core depth and development. Let's have a closer look at the emerging wing on the roster aged 24 and younger and rank them based on their future potential.

Keep in mind that former first-round pick and Bucks two-way point guard for the 2023-24 season, TyTy Washington, is currently a free agent and unsigned for the upcoming 2024-25 season. The Milwaukee Bucks should re-sign him to a minimum deal, as they cannot afford to lose his versatility and ball-handling abilities at the guard position. His youth in the backcourt cannot be overvalued and is an area of dire need on this team.

The other two players who the Bucks signed to two-way contracts for the 2023-24 season - Ryan Rollins and Jaylin Galloway - are not included in these rankings due to too small of a sample size, both having joined the team late last season. That said, let's dive in.

No. 5 - TyTy Washington

The 22-year-old backup point guard has a solid all-around game and the ability to handle the ball, which is something the Bucks desperately need. He also has the ability to create for others and can potentially be an efficient scorer as Damian Lillard's backup. He possesses the versatility to play both the one and two guard spots, which adds depth to the Milwaukee Bucks' backcourt options.

As part of his overall growth and development, consistency and decision-making at the NBA level are areas to watch for Washington in the future. Developing his shooting efficiency and defensive acumen will help him carve out a significant role in the rotation as a backup point guard.