Ranking Milwaukee Bucks' young talent based on potential

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No. 4 - Chris Livingston

The raw, 20-year-old small/power forward brings a combination of size, athleticism and versatility off the Bucks' bench. He can defend multiple positions, and in limited playing time as a rookie, he showed promise as a rebounder and interior scorer and provided instant energy.

Livingston will need to work on enhancing his perimeter shooting and ball-handling heading into his second season, specifically if he wants to earn more minutes off the bench. This will be a critical part of his development. If he can somehow stretch his game to the 3-point line and improve his ability to create his own shot, he just might become a valuable asset for the Milwaukee Bucks.

No. 3 - MarJon Beauchamp

After his second season with the Milwaukee Bucks, the small forward/shooting guard is only 23 years old and has various strengths. Beauchamp is known for his athleticism, defensive capabilities, and having the potential as a versatile scorer. With a solid frame and a very good wingspan, he has the tools to become a significant two-way player. When given the opportunity, he's shown flashes of offensive potential with his ability to slash to the basket as well as hit open shots.

There are areas of development that Beauchamp needs to focus on. Hopefully, with the help of Doc Rivers and the rest of the coaching staff, he will improve his shooting consistency and playmaking skills, as these are both crucial for his growth. If he can develop into a reliable perimeter shooter and secondary ball handler, he could very well become a key rotational piece for the Milwaukee Bucks moving forward.