Ranking top 5 wing prospects for the Milwaukee Bucks in the 2024 NBA Draft

The Bucks could use another wing or two.
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3. Isaiah Crawford (Louisiana Tech)

Physical Profile:
220 pounds
7-foot wingspan
22 years old

There is a decent chance you have never heard of Isaiah Crawford (unless you are a draft junkie or a Louisiana Tech basketball fan), but he could be the best-kept secret of this draft class. He is a big wing with a 7-foot wingspan who is one of the best defenders in the nation.

Last season, Crawford averaged a ridiculous 2.1 steals and 1.7 blocks, the only player in the nation to put up those numbers. He has great strength and is a smooth athlete, so he projects to be a great defender at the next level who can be a major disruptor.

Crawford also has some intrigue offensively, too. He has shot over 40 percent from three in each of the last two seasons, and he also has some solid ball handling and bucket-getting ability. He shot 41 percent on dribble jumpers (76th percentile) and 63 percent on shots at the rim (74th percentile) last season.

He isn't an explosive athlete who will blow past defenders, but he can still maneuver around in the midrange or into the paint and get shots off. If you squint, you can somewhat see Khris Middleton in his game (it helps that Crawford also wears number 22).

So why is Crawford so low on draft boards? Well, for one, he played at Louisiana Tech, which isn't the greatest competition level. Second, he is an older prospect, so his ceiling is likely limited. And third, he had two ACL injuries during his college career, which naturally gives teams some fear.

Even with the negatives, Crawford's skill set could be exactly what the Bucks need. Getting him in the second round or as an undrafted free agent could be great value, and he would be an extremely exciting addition to the Milwaukee Bucks, given his outstanding defense and solid scoring ability.