Ranking top 5 wing prospects for the Milwaukee Bucks in the 2024 NBA Draft

The Bucks could use another wing or two.
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2. Kevin McCullar (Kansas)

Physical Profile:
205 pounds
6-foot-9 wingspan
23 years old

One of the highest-floor prospects in this class is Kevin McCullar. He has a very distinct role as a wing defender who has glue-guy skills offensively. He was named a Naismith Defensive Player of the Year finalist in each of the last three seasons of his college career, and he should be a very good defender on the wing at the next level. He has a combination of size, length, intensity, IQ, and versatility that helps him thrive on that end of the court.

McCullar won't be known for his offense in the NBA, but he is definitely a capable shooter, cutter, and playmaker. After shooting just from three on 2.3 attempts per game over his first four collegiate seasons, he jumped to 33.3 percent on 4.5 attempts per game last season.

He shot a fantastic 45.2 percent on unguarded catch-and-shoot threes, which are the shots he will likely be taking at the next level. Aside from shooting, he has a great feel for the game as a cutter and passer, and he makes a ton of winning plays. If you are looking for an NBA player comparison, think Josh Hart.

McCullar has very little upside due to being 23 years old already, not having much shot-creation ability and having some injury history, but he is arguably the most NBA-ready role player in this draft. A contender like the Bucks is looking for NBA-ready players, and his defense and skills as a glue guy are things that any NBA team could use. He would be a great pickup for the Milwaukee Bucks who can contribute off the bench right away.