Reaction to NBA laying down hefty suspension for Bucks guard Patrick Beverley

Indiana Pacers v Milwaukee Bucks - Game Five
Indiana Pacers v Milwaukee Bucks - Game Five / Stacy Revere/GettyImages

There was plenty of controversy on the night the Milwaukee Bucks saw their 2023-24 NBA season end against the Indiana Pacers.

Most of that centered around Patrick Beverley. Between throwing a basketball at fans multiple times and having an "inappropriate interaction" with a female reporter in which he didn't want to answer her questions after Game 6, it felt like discipline would be in his future. Now, it's been announced that Beverley will be suspended for four games without pay for his actions.

Whether he's in Milwaukee or elsewhere, Beverley will now be on the sidelines for the first four games of the 2024-25 NBA season.

Reaction to NBA laying down hefty suspension for Bucks' guard Patrick Beverley

It would undoubtedly be hard to defend Beverley's actions. Although fans may have crossed the line with whatever was said, which Beverley hinted at on the most recent episode of his podcast, players can't whip a basketball at them. When your team's season is about to end and fans are mocking you, frustrations can boil over. It felt like Beverley was lost in the moment and did something regrettable.

It was bad enough that police are reportedly investigating the incident.

As for the interaction with the reporter, it was difficult to watch. Beverley didn't want to answer her questions because she didn't subscribe to his podcast - that might be a first. He did call the reporter to apologize for his actions.

Four games seems a bit stiff, especially given what it takes to get a suspension in the association these days. Yet, it's clear that they don't want something like this happening again anytime soon, especially considering it was multiple events, so they will make an example of Beverley.

It's all certainly a bad look for Patrick Beverley, and he'll now have to pay the price for it. It's unclear which team he will serve the suspension with. Despite these actions, the Milwaukee Bucks should have him on their radar when free agency opens, as he was a quality contributor upon arrival.

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