1 Realistic free agent target the Milwaukee Bucks should pursue from each team

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The Milwaukee Bucks will not have a ton of spending money to utilize in 2024 NBA Free Agency, so it will be crucial for them to strike gold on their minimum signings.

They will not be a landing spot for any of the big fish, such as LeBron James or Paul George, but there are a ton of other smaller-scale free agents who should be of interest to them. That said, let us look at one REALISTIC free agent target from every single team across the entire NBA for the Bucks.

Atlanta Hawks - Wesley Matthews

The list begins with an old friend. Right away, the Atlanta Hawks don't have too many soon-to-be free agents who would likely be of great interest to the Bucks outside of Matthews. Going after him would mean bringing back someone the franchise is familiar with, given that he's played for them on two separate occasions.

At 37, Matthews would not help Milwaukee's need for more youth and athleticism, particularly at the wing position. However, he's still undoubtedly got some juice in the tank defensively, as he lays it all out on the line every possession. For a team that struggled so mightily to defend on the perimeter in 2023-24, bringing him back couldn't hurt too much, especially if it's in a smaller role.

In all likelihood, if the Bucks brought back Matthews, it would be for depth purposes. For a team that has suffered countless injuries over the years, too much depth is never a concern. Having him around to mentor and guide the next generation of wings, such as Chris Livingston, Andre Jackson Jr. and MarJon Beauchamp, certainly wouldn't be the worst thing.

Matthews has never been shy about his love for Milwaukee, and if he plans to keep playing, there is likely no place he'd rather finish his NBA career.