1 Realistic free agent target the Milwaukee Bucks should pursue from each team

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Golden State Warriors - Gary Payton II

How about a reunion? Gary Payton II played 18 games with the Milwaukee Bucks to begin his career in the Jason Kidd era, so he's familiar with the area.

It must be noted that Payton has a player option worth $8.7 million next season, so the odds of him turning that down and inking a minimum with the Milwaukee Bucks or anyone else are incredibly slim. Still, he's the most reasonable free agent target for Milwaukee due to what he brings to the table and the team's limited financial resources.

When he's on the floor, Payton's most valuable asset is perimeter defense, as he's a relentless player in that regard, hounding opposing guards. The 6-foot-2 veteran also boasts tremendous athleticism, which is, of course, very high on Milwaukee's wish list as well. He could give the Bucks a combo guard who can make plays defensively every trip down the floor.

Payton showed how valuable he could be when he was with the Golden State Warriors in 2021-22. Playing in 71 games, the guard blew most of his previous career bests out of the water. Doing all of the dirty work defensively while making hustle plays constantly, Payton helped the team earn yet another title that season.

The most prominent concern with Payton is his injury history. He's played more than 45 games in a single season just once in his career, and it was during his title-winning year with the Warriors. For a team that has not been able to shake the injury bug over the last several years, adding a player who has a tough time staying on the floor might not be wise.

Still, if they could somehow, someway get him on a minimum, it would make some sense.