1 Realistic free agent target the Milwaukee Bucks should pursue from each team

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Los Angeles Clippers - Daniel Theis

The LA Clippers have a handful of eye-catching soon-to-be free agents, such as James Harden and Paul George, but they won't be playing in Milwaukee anytime soon. Instead, one Clipper who could be a realistic option for the Bucks is Daniel Theis.

The 32-year-old would be yet another viable option to boost Milwaukee's center depth, though the thought of adding a 6-foot-8 big man might turn some off. To an extent, that's valid, but despite the height limitations he possesses, Theis checks off a lot of boxes for what the Bucks need on both sides of the basketball court.

Defensively, he's never let the size mismatch stop him from being a quality matchup for opposing big men. He's also nimble at his size, which could make life easier for the Bucks when they are switching, an area they tend to struggle with when Portis and Lopez and on the court. He can also provide some legitimate rim protection when needed.

Offensively, Theis has never been one to light it up, but he's capable of putting points on the board. He's got a 3-point shot in his arsenal, he's just never managed to hone in on it consistently. He did shoot 36.6 percent from deep this past season, the second-best mark of his NBA career, so he does have the makings to be a nice fit on that end for Milwaukee.

If he's willing to ditch Los Angeles and take a cheap deal, he could be a nice fit for the center-hungry Milwaukee Bucks.