1 Realistic free agent target the Milwaukee Bucks should pursue from each team

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New Orleans Pelicans - Naji Marshall

A lot of what was just said about Kyle Anderson will be repeated with Naji Marshall, except the latter would actually help with the team's need for youth.

Marshall, 26, just finished up his fourth year with the New Orleans Pelicans and showed promise in his 66 games. At 6-foot-7, he's yet another lengthy forward who could give the Milwaukee Bucks a boost of versatility and switch-ability on the perimeter. On offense, he'd primarily be relied on to shoot from the perimeter, and he just shot a career-best 38.7 percent from deep this past season, a good sign.

The Bucks could likely find a way to snag Marshall on a "prove-it" deal. He's still fairly young, so as a lot of players around this age do, he could ink a short-term, cheap deal in hope of cashing out the following free agency period if they play well enough. An example of this is Milwaukee Bucks wing Malik Beasley, who is likely to earn a raise this off-season from someone after playing well in 2023-24.

In terms of the most realistic targets for the Milwaukee Bucks to pursue in free agency, Marshall ranks high on the list. For a team that is desperate for wings, they should give him legitimate consideration.