1 Realistic free agent target the Milwaukee Bucks should pursue from each team

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Orlando Magic - Gary Harris

Among the long list of guards and wings the Milwaukee Bucks should target is Gary Harris, who just finished up the season with the Orlando Magic.

At 6-foot-4, Harris wouldn't be the big wing defender the team needs, but he's still a strong defender at the guard position who could shore up Milwaukee's perimeter D. On top of that, he's a solid scorer and shooter, averaging 11 points per game while knocking in 37 percent from deep on 4.2 attempts for his NBA career.

Two-way play like that could be a massive boost for Milwaukee's bench. Again, outside of Portis, they have lacked another capable scorer for some time, and Harris could help provide a spark, primarily as an outside shooter. Milwaukee's defensive woes, particularly on the perimeter, certainly do not need much rehashing. Harris could help there.

After playing the smallest role of his career since his rookie campaign in 2014-15, Harris is likely at least going to ponder leaving the Magic this off-season. At 29, he's still young and could be a strong candidate for a prove-it deal, similar to what Beasley signed last off-season. In fact, with Beasley likely to leave, Harris could be a nice replacement.

One concern with Harris is that he has only played over 60 games once since the 2018-19 season. For a team that is constantly banged up, bringing aboard another player who has dealt with injuries over the years may be head-scratching. However, if they can get him on a team-friendly, short deal, bringing him aboard may be worth the gamble.