1 Realistic free agent target the Milwaukee Bucks should pursue from each team

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Phoenix Suns - Josh Okogie

Royce O'Neale would be an obvious name to put here, as he'd be an excellent fit in Milwaukee, but the true odds of the Bucks actually having a chance at prying him away from the Phoenix Suns with their limited spending money seem slim. To make things more realistic, Josh Okogie will take his place on Milwaukee's wish list.

With a limited offensive repertoire, holding career averages of 6.3 points on 40.2 percent shooting from the floor and 29.3 percent from deep, Okogie has made a living as a defensive-minded energy player. He's constantly hustling, whether it's to fight a loose ball, get back in transition or apply pressure to one of the opposing top scorers on the floor. They call him "Non-Stop" for a reason.

The Bucks could use a spark like Okogie in the second unit. It was clear this last season that veterans such as Pat Connaughton and Jae Crowder just didn't have the speed and athleticism to stick on the court like the Bucks needed. The 25-year-old could be a nice alternative, giving them an athlete who's always willing to do the dirty work for the betterment of the team.

Given that he played the second-fewest minutes per game of his career this past season, it wouldn't be shocking if Okogie declined his upcoming player option with Phoenix to see what else is out there. He'd essentially be making the minimum if he stayed in Phoenix, so it's not like he'd have to sacrifice a good chunk of change to come to Milwaukee, as their offer would be similar.