1 Realistic free agent target the Milwaukee Bucks should pursue from each team

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Toronto Raptors - Gary Trent Jr.

This might be the most unrealistic entry on the entire list. However, the Toronto Raptors don't have too many other free agents who fit what the Bucks need. Immanuel Quickley would be great, but he's among the most sought-after restricted free agents, so that's not happening. Bruce Brown has an upcoming club option that will likely be picked up to be used in trades.

Gary Trent Jr. is an unrestricted free agent and would be an interesting fit with this roster, giving them an electric outside shooter and pesky defender. The 6-foot-5, 25-year-old Trent would help start to fill the team's need for more wings and youth on this roster.

A career 38.6 percent 3-point shooter, Trent would thrive alongside Giannis Antetokounmpo and Damian Lillard due to the abundance of open perimeter looks he'd get nightly if he was used in the Malik Beasley role. Defense should be the team's priority, but if they can get a decent defender who can also put up double-digit points nightly, that wouldn't hurt either.

Trent is unrealistic because he's likely going to get a bigger offer from someone else. However, if this somehow turns out to be a Kelly Oubre Jr. situation where he doesn't get that huge deal and inks a short-term deal like he did last off-season, the Milwaukee Bucks should pounce. It's not the likeliest scenario, but it should not be ruled out entirely.