1 Realistic free agent target the Milwaukee Bucks should pursue from each team

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Brooklyn Nets - Lonnie Walker IV

Most of the talk surrounding Milwaukee's off-season needs will revolve around the team's holes to patch defensively. Though they should undoubtedly be on the hunt for stout defenders, they could also use some help on the offensive end and in the athleticism department. One player they should have in mind for both is Brooklyn Nets guard Lonnie Walker IV.

Offensively, he's averaged 9.8 points per game while shooting 35.6 percent from the perimeter in his NBA career. That might not seem like much, but the Bucks could use a second-unit sparkplug who is capable of putting points on the board. Outside of Bobby Portis, this bench didn't have many reliable scorers this past season. Walker could help to some degree with numbers like that.

Walker hasn't been able to find a steady home in the NBA, having played for three different teams in three different seasons, but he's always flashed potential. He's an extremely athletic 6-foot-4 guard who could give the Bucks a player to help their woes of getting back in transition and guarding quick wings and guards. The height is somewhat of a concern defensively, but his pros may outweigh that.

At 25 years old, Walker is still very young and could still develop further. If the Bucks could snag him on a minimum deal in free agency, which seems likely after playing a small role in Brooklyn in 2023-24, it would be a low-risk move that could start to address the team's need for youth and athleticism.