1 Realistic free agent target the Milwaukee Bucks should pursue from each team

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Dallas Mavericks - Derrick Jones Jr.

Derrick Jones Jr. has proven to be one of the NBA's best bang-for-your-buck signings this season. Signing with the Dallas Mavericks on a minimum deal last off-season, the wing has worked his way up into the S-tier of role players, serving as a sort of glue guy for Dallas. He checks off countless boxes for the Milwaukee Bucks and should be high on their wish list of free-agent wings.

First and foremost, he'd give the team an experienced wing with tremendous athleticism. Known as "Airplane Mode Jones" and "Flight 55" for his high-flying dunks and blocks, Jones would be useful in giving this team a much-needed athlete. At 6-foot-5, 210 pounds, he's not the biggest wing, but he's got the tools to be a solid, switchable defender, something this team desperately needs.

He's been the ultimate do-it-all wing for Dallas in the postseason, averaging an eye-popping line of 10.1 points, 3.8 rebounds, 1.2 blocks and 1.1 assists per game while playing tremendous defense. One concern the Bucks may have about Jones is his struggles with the three-ball, as he's been in the low 30s for most of his career, but given everything else he does, it would be worth the risk.

The biggest potential roadblock in luring Jones away from Dallas is the fact that he's likely played his way into a hefty raise this off-season. He's had an incredible playoff run, and teams with their share of spending money might be willing to offer a nice check. The Bucks simply do not have that luxury, so the odds of courting him over these other teams are slim.