1 Realistic free agent target the Milwaukee Bucks should pursue from each team

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Denver Nuggets - Reggie Jackson

The Bucks would love to get their hands on Denver Nuggets swingman Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, but the odds of him declining his player option and taking a near $15 million discount to come play for Milwaukee is unlikely. Instead, the next most realistic option in Denver is guard Reggie Jackson.

Milwaukee going after Jackson wouldn't be too surprising, as they have been linked to him before. Per The Athletic's John Hollinger (subscription required), the Bucks were a possible suitor for the guard before he signed with Denver last year. If he declines his upcoming player option, the Bucks could go after him once again, reigniting their interest.

With so much uncertainty surrounding Patrick Beverley's return - more on him later - the Bucks may have to continue their yearly tradition of revamping the backcourt. Jackson could give Milwaukee an experienced replacement capable of providing scoring, playmaking and perimeter shooting. He can't provide the defense like Beverley, but he'd give them a bigger boost on the other side of things.

Jackson will first have to make a decision with his player option. It seems likely that he could accept his player option and stick with Denver, so the Bucks might not even get a chance to pursue him. Yet, he's worth mentioning regardless.